“My Lab Results!”

“SUCCESSISNOWHERE!” – What do you see?

No words can describe how happy I am today. I know that I still have to see my Doctor from the Healthy Heart Program on Feb 4th to get his feedback but the results are way better than I expected. I look at myself physically and know that I still have to work hard to get my weight down and burn that spare tire but I never expected that my results will be almost perfect. I’m smacked down in the middle range of my results.  My Cholesterol went from 5.06, on June 2014, to 3.85 as of today. Normal and safe range is 2 – 5.20 mmol/L.  My problem area back on June of 2014 was my HDL Cholesterol which was low (0.89) to the recommended >0.99 mmol/L and also my Triglycerides.  It was high at 3.12 from the recommended <2.21 mmol/L. That went down to 0.65 mmol/L.  Simply amazing!

I worked really hard on my workouts and feel stronger everyday. I’m looking for my 1st lab test on Feb of 2014 that started this whole health journey.  I had 8 areas of concern and a scary ECG reading that got me worried about my heart.  We just had our 2nd child on Dec of 2013 and I didn’t want to leave them fatherless or not see them both grow to fine young men. I owe it to myself to stay healthy and to my two boys to live a healthy lifestyle and not go down this road also. I passed on my genes and they are high risk of repeating the cycle because of my neglect to my body and to myself. I owe it to them to live the best lives that they can live. No parent would want to see their child/ren suffer and no child/ren should go through that for a long period of time.  That is why I push everyday to get healthier and pass that knowledge and experience to them.

Definitely, I’m not a perfect man and make mistakes and stumble but going through this experience has challenged and train me to get back up and push through.  That is what this program has given me. It has challenged me mentally but definitely has challenged me physically and pain is a great teacher as well.  It reminds us of those choices that we’ve made and educates us to be better. Do I love the workouts…. no…. lol. But I know that I love the results that come from completing it.  It doesn’t just make me feel better and healthier but improves my quality of life and improves how I interact with my family and my community. Once again, I am happier with life and the possibilities and opportunities that will open up down the road by just simply doing this or committing to a goal and a mission.  When people know about your goals and see you inch closer and fight for those inches, you grow the seeds of hope inside of them. What was once impossible became possible. You planted seeds in them and sharing your results are like water and sunlight to each person that listens.  The time will come when they break through that Earth and want to grow to a beautiful plant.  You must be ready when that time comes and guide that seed upwards and build a strong foundation below.


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