Day 50: “Milestones!”

“Bad habits are easier to abandon today than tomorrow.” – Yiddish proverb

Wow! I reached 50 days straight of workouts! 100 workouts so far. You can do so much when you just focus a bit each day and how much that compounds if you repeat that everyday. I’m so happy on how far I’ve come and to enjoy yesterday with Tony Horton himself. Truly a milestone that will just get better each day. My weigh in this morning was 186.3 lbs and 9 inches loss in total. Simple amazing when you just do a little per day and look back at your ‘before’ picture. It is an empowering feeling that just gets amplified more.  I’m just a loss for words today.  I just want to share my story and hope that someone gets inspired to make a change in their life.  I’m nearing my 3rd visit to my doctor and dietitian at the Healthy Heart Program at St. Paul Hospital in Vancouver, BC which will be on Feb 4th.  The goal was only to get to 193 lbs. That was only 5 lbs loss from my 2nd visit at 198 lbs back in the summer of 2014. Will they be amazed on how much I loss and hoping my blood works will be matching that effort I’ve done by eating clean as well.

I’m don’t have much to say at this point. I am in bliss for making it this far. The next 50 days WILL be amazing. I over came my biggest challenge and that is myself. I pushed my limits and created new beginnings. When my two boys decide to challenge themselves and explore outdoor activities I will be ready. My effort is there and I know now that I am capable for more. It is just a matter of time when success will follow and that I will be able to inspire someone to take control of their life again. I thank God for so much and will do my best to give back.  I’m looking forward to an amazing journey!

Ryan Jarata


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