Day 49: “Motivational!”

What an amazing day it was! I didn’t know what to expect since this was my first time to attend a Team BeachBody Event. And to have a Celebrity Trainer in Tony Horton to lead us that day, I am simply lost for words. He really is a humble human being and empowers all of us there to be at our best and bring it everyday. I was amazed with the crowd that showed up this morning. They came from all shapes and sizes; young and mature; and from all walks of life.  I actually did pretty well with my flexibility today. Tony’s workout was very challenging and doing floor exercise on a gym floor without a mat is challenging at best. I don’t have the best knees and I’m still working on my push-ups. But it was still fun and Tony is a funny guy. He makes you forget that you are doing Burpees. I’m actually doing well on burpees now. I haven’t gotten to the pace of the workout but I’m doing more than I usually do. Each day I workout brings me closer to becoming stronger, healthier and most importantly happier in life.  I can be part of my sons’ active lives instead of watching from the sidelines.  Plus, there is a huge opportunity to create a huge cause to empowering people to be their best physically and mentally.  I am motivated to share what I’ve been through and share my success story for my health and fitness.  If I can help someone shed some pounds, lower their cholesterol or empower them in making their life a little bit easier, I have given back to my community and have paid it forward.

Attending gatherings, meetups, conventions, seminars and webinars about something you like or love to do or learn about is more than just having fun or cheering out loud! You are learning from people who are going through what you are going through and learning from people who overcame those challenges and what they did personally to get to the next level.  We often plateau with our fitness and health and sometimes need another point of view to get over that hump. What ever aspect in your life you need to improve in, don’t hesitate to attend any type of gathering to get you to that next level.  It is even better to get a mentor or someone to take you under their wings and guide you through your challenges. You are not alone but you have to come out of your comfort zone and ask for help. There are billions of people in this world and you will let one person dictate your life or have power over you? You deserve more and you deserve to be loved as a person. Make your choices and stick to them with your head held high. Everything is learning but it is a lot faster to get to your goal when someone has already traveled the journey you are on.

When you see or feel that an opportunity is place before you, you are very motivated and excited. Especially, when someone is willing to help you with your journey that they also have travelled. It is one thing to get advice from someone with theories but it is another thing when someone has experienced it and has that confidence to show it to you also. A great example that I heard from this mornings event from one of the speakers is when you ask for directions. You ask someone who isn’t too sure and thinks it is in a general area and tell you keep going or you ask someone who can give you detailed instructions and landmarks to get you to your destination. Who will you listen to?  It is a great feeling when you connect to someone successful and share the same challenges that you are going through. It makes you realize that your personal challenge has been walked by many people already and there are those who already succeeded down that same path.  It is really up to you to follow their example and believe that you are down the right path as long as you don’t give up halfway. You come so far only to be brought down by old habits again. You can rise to great potential if you believe and have the confidence in yourself!

Ryan Jarata


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