Day 48: “Anticipation!”

“We are all inventors… guided each by a private chart, of which there is no duplicate.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wow! What a record today. I did a total of 6 workouts! (3×30 min workouts and 3×10 min workouts.) I alternated a 30 min followed by a quick 10 min every 2 hours. I felt good through and through all six especially the last set. I ate most of my meals except 1 fruit and 1 carb/protein/veggie meal. If I woke up earlier this morning I probably would have eaten it all but I was on baby duty last night while the wife was at work. I guess I committed to all these workouts because I wanted to hit a new weight goal this coming Monday. Plus, the anticipation of tomorrow’s Super Saturday! Technically, Sunday but keeping to the theme today. This is a national event and I’ve been seeing pictures of events around Canada and US coming in all day. Seeing other people come together: workout, get excited, meet new people and get fired up!  I guess I don’t want to get embarrassed by not being able to catch up to coaches more mature than me… lol.  Tony Horton, creator of the P90 series, will be leading us tomorrow morning and you know the man is intense with his workouts. Just watch his Youtube videos and his channels and you can see and feel it too… lol. I can’t wait to see what the environment is like and experience a TBB Super Event.

We have to make the most of each day like we are anticipating a great reward after we completed the tasks for the day. Start each morning with a goal in mind or something you want to achieve. Obviously, I mentioned what I want to achieve for tomorrow morning’s Super Event and workout plus a new weight goal this coming Monday. I did so well last weekend that I want to do 4-6 workouts each Saturdays and Sundays. I can feel myself get better throughout the day and hopefully as I reach my ultimate goal of 150 lbs. But that will only come if you make the most of each day in anticipation of small daily goals. We overwhelm ourselves by thinking of our current situation and the long-term journey to get to our goal or destination. We are only human and are guided by emotions and feelings. Sometimes we need to take a second or step by to give our minds a few seconds to think and break it down to smaller steps and plans. Sometimes, we’ll need a little bit longer to convince ourselves to do it. That is fine! Do what you must in order to start moving in the direction and in the positive way. Let’s not have our instant reaction or surroundings dictate us down a road that has bumps that will derail us or put us off course where we give up. The road to our personal success isn’t a straight line but if we take the time to analyze the situation and make a decision we will soon be able to coordinate to our destination.

Tomorrow will be an amazing experience and hope to take that experience and share it with my community who wishes to challenge themselves to their personal fitness goals. I will be by myself tomorrow but with like-minded people who share the same passion and excitement. This is the environment you need to be in if you want to achieve in any goal or direction. You need to align yourself with people who share the same interests and work towards new milestones. Anticipate the next time you will meet your group and make the most of that meetup or event. I’m a shy person and only open up once I get to know someone but my passion to a better me and a brighter future is stronger than what people will think or say about me. I will make the most of this Sunday’s Super event in anticipation towards an amazing journey with people I haven’t met yet but will join me and grow to a lifetime friendship!

Ryan Jarata


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