Day 46-47: “Planting the Seeds First!”

“Happiness does not consist in pasttimes and amusements but in virtuous activities.” – Aristotle

It has been a tough week at work which is a trickle down effect at the end of each day. I had to skip yesterday’s blog because it was getting late and I needed to get plenty of sleep which was a good call because it was another hectic day. I work graveyard shifts 3am – 1130 am PST Mon-Fri.  I’ve been doing that since 1999. My 1st and only job.  Since I’m in the transportation industry my day is based on what time my freight from back East comes in via freighter plane. The weather back East has been terrible so the plane has been pushed back 30 – 1 hr delay but the same deadlines to get our drivers out on the road. HECTIC!

I wasn’t able to eat every 2 hrs or had sliced fruits to spread out to snack on till all the drivers are out. It has effected my energy levels as of late.  Been doing my workouts but been struggling to keep up and complete each exercise. This Saturday and Sunday will be crunch again even though it isn’t the 3 Day Quick Fix. I’ve been stuck at 187-8 lbs for 5 days. Not getting the proper burn and my body is keeping the weight because of my inconsistency in eating.

But I’m committed with the program and the program has given me results, my confidence and compliments from my peers.  I know it works, I need to keep to the program and reach my goal of 175 lbs. I won’t make a small goal like I did in the 2nd round because I didn’t push myself. It didn’t challenge me enough to keep serious on it.  I will do my best this weekend especially for Super Saturday Event. Well, more of a Sunday but I’m hoping to get a photo with Tony Horton who will be leading us on a Sunday morning workout and motivational day.  Looking forward to it!


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