Day 45: “Good Habits!”

“Good habits are worth being fanatical about.” – John Irving

What a really long day at work today! Almost got off track with my workouts but it did effect my eating today. I did not eat out but ended up not eating for long periods of time. Had Shakeology first thing in the morning, 1 meal and cut up apple cubes for a 12 hour shift. It was the cut up apple cubes and a lot of water that got me through majority of my shift. Not highly recommended.  I hope my metabolism isn’t too damaged. I didn’t even eat my meals for the day. The meals I did eat was the carry over from Monday.  My energy levels are returning but my legs are not at 100 % to support my body on those lunges. Knees are sore. I almost decide to call Day 45 an off day but I looked at what I have done so far and felt guilty for giving up on myself so I fought off the fatigue from a long day and actually did my usual two workouts.  I’m struggling with the new workout because there is a lot of coordination and footwork so I might have to spend some extra time watching it first to do it properly and memories the movements before I do the workouts. Practice makes perfect and makes good habits!

If you see me the first 10 months of last year for the past 6 years you wouldn’t think of me as someone who works out everyday. Obviously, the physical results before I started this journey speaks for itself. You won’t even see me at the salad or fruit bar AT ALL! I would order the most mouth watering dish on the menu. Most likely a saucy pasta or Flintstones size meat… lol. Eating for pleasure was what I was about just 3 months ago.  Imagine me eating a salad with lightly seasoned grilled chicken which I’m doing right now as I write this… haha. I finish each night now with greens and maybe some protein. It is all because of this program and just taking one step at a time. No cold turkey or crash diet. Just made a commitment to myself and see where the challenge pack will take me. I’m a believer that you get what you paid for. I tried cheap pills at the grocery stores and gimmicks that I see at that same grocery stores but it hasn’t amounted to anything. Because all you are doing is just buying cheap mismatching furniture that reduces your value and your energy to do anything. You don’t have a place that you are proud to show your friends. Will you even do that to your own body? A little sacrifice goes a really long way. 2014 was a big stepping stone in the right direction. Though there was a lot of trial and errors and beginning has been a zigzag of different possibilities and opportunities it has been an amazing finish to 2014 when you invest into yourself and your future.

It is about creating good habits and investing time and money to really compound those efforts. We try to go the cheap or free way of doing things but has that really got us anywhere. Even free education is taken for granted and isn’t producing any serious results. We now live in a social media environment where we want to ‘Keep up with the Jones!” but are really faking it and not making it. Or not able to scale our lifestyle any higher without putting effort at the beginning.  I too was on that path of looking for the next big thing to change my life but I decided to finally put some time and money and invest in mentors that live and breath where I want to be.  It isn’t the same as listening to theories and opinions but to follow in the footsteps of people who are doing the things you want to do and are paying it forward to create success stories. We become heavily opinionated but aren’t willing to listen and learn. We hold on to believes that haven’t served us to where we want to be. I’m not talking about core values or who we are but theories that we don’t have any experience on or have a bad experience that we aren’t willing to challenge ourselves again. There are risks in life that we can and can’t prevent. Being aware that they are there always and continue to do your part to reduce those risks are the first steps to creating a solid foundation and not just good but a great habit for the future!


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