Day 37: “Laser Focus!”

“Make it Happen” – Michael Jordan Finally had a day to myself to do the double options for the program.  I went up to 192.9 lbs first thing in the morning and got laser focused and got active for the day. I got back down to 190.8 lbs near the end of my shift.  Same […]

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Day 35: “Planning!”

“No one plans to fail. They just fail to plan!” Today barely got through the first exercise of Focus T25: Total Body Circuit.  Though it was a high pace workout I just didn’t have the energy or fuel to keep up with each exercise. Either I didn’t get enough sleep or I made the mistake […]

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Day 34: “Standards!”

“Your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from you good ones.” – Benjamin Franklin Just finished my Dirty 30 workout half an hour ago.  It was really tough to do because I think my body was still recovering from the Focus T25: Speed 1.0 […]

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Day 32: “Commitment”

“Learn like your life depended on it!” – Vick Strizheus Back to the meal plan. Thankfully, taking Shakeology every single day since November 22 has helped me overcome the temptations and cravings of food. With the nutrient-dense, super food-packed protein shake, it truly is the most healthiest shake you can take. Once you give your […]

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