Beach Body: 21 Day Fix

On Nov 24th 2014, I underwent a mission and attempted to work on my health again.  I didn’t know if I can do it since I’ve tried other fitness programs and didn’t last past the 2 month period.  I’ve done the P90X way back in 2008 before my wedding day.  I wasn’t sure what I […]

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Put time into your Goals

Greetings followers! I apologize that it has been a week or so from my last blog post.  I’ve been on a 21 Day Challenge fitness/health program.  As of today it will be my 13th day so I am almost on the last leg of this race.  So far, I’ve lost 6 lbs and a few […]

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Opportunity is Everywhere!

Greetings followers! It has been a busy two days with three straight meetings in a row. The last one I mentioned was with the meetup group on Wednesday night and shortly after that me and my mom were invited to a special lunch presentation from my two wonderful friends and financial advisers. I can’t go […]

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